Random thoughts


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And yes i am back blogging and this time my topic would be:

All About Random Thoughts

Today i feel like sharing what i feel about having random thoughts. The reason behind it, hmm, let’s just say i wanna know if anyone else feels the same way as i am. What it feels like having questions and statements pop to your head suddenly out of nowhere. If i were given a chance to write all of them, it would be endless. Seems like some days when my mood changes i feel the thoughts rushing in.

Have you ever had these questions or statements:

  • “What will i do with my life now?”
  • “Am i satisfied with what i am doing right now?”
  • “I think its better when im alone.”
  • “Why does it feel like this? Am i the only one who understand myself?”


If yes, how do you feel whenever you think of it. I know there are a lot of mind boggling topics that are waiting to be discussed with thyself. Maybe all of this are just waiting to be answered or maybe these are the things we cannot dare to speak with others. We may feel judged or its just a waste of time so we keep it to ourselves. We may write it or just keep it in our head but what does it really mean?

For me, having random thoughts are like captions of how i am feeling on that moment. The way i feel happy with others, the way i cried because of something, or the way i got mad at someone, maybe those those thoughts or questions are the perfect caption of that perfect moment. It maybe good or bad, but the idea of thinking about it, it makes us human realize we are living the life, we took the spur of the moment to see whats there and gives ourselves something to think about. Living, seems like surviving most of the times, can really be tiring. And having theses thoughts forever embedded in our minds or wrote in a journal, reminds us of how we tried and live the life we are given.


Thank you for reading, i hope i made sense with my post. Haha but if not, forgive me, i tried really hard. Thank you, as always.


P.S To future self, if ever you may read this again i hope you got your questions answered and you are now living the life you have dreamed of, not surviving but really living. Xoxo.




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