Someone very thoughtful gave me kisses this morning. I was not feeling A-okay to be exact because of you know what-girls-have-every-month-thing. And by that yes i mean i have my period. Haha. Its been a week since i was not feeling well. Since last week i was experiencing a major abdominal pain. I thought it was because i slept in an uncomfortable position but the pain was on going since Monday.

I even bought efficascent oil (menthol liniment for pains) and cotton balls so that i can ease the pain. It was quite effective for a short period of time and i need to reapply it often. I also bought meds because i thought i was too gassy that’s why i am experiencing the pain.

But finally when i woke up yesterday, i know the main cause of my sickness. Its because i was having my period. Tada! Brilliant isn’t it? Oh well, i know its kind of weird but everyone in our family experiences it (only women of course haha), before we have our period, we always got sick, colds, fever, cough etc. But i’m glad i am okay now, i think. Thank God!

PS. My boyfriend was the one who got me the chocolate. And my mom gave me kisses (real ones haha) before she left the house. Whose the happy kid? I am! This day couldn’t get any better.


Just an update. I will keep in touch i promise. 🙂



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