Kid again

Carousel at star city

Time flies so fast

When i was a kid, my favorite ride was the carousel. I don’t know but there is something about this ride that makes me feel magical. I dreamed of being a princess, having my own castle, riding my carriage and of course marrying a prince. Maybe that is why i enjoy riding it, because i feel like a princess every time.

I can remember how life was so simple back then, how one ride can make me feel magical. I can remember how i saw things differently as a kid, and it glimpses back as i saw the carousel again. Maybe i was reminded that every time i feel complicated or in difficult times, i should switch my point of view into a child’s perspective. Look how fascinated kid’s are with everything in their surrounding. I should be more appreciative and live the moment as each one pass by, because time cannot turn back, we only have one life we can live to the fullest. I do wish i was princess though, how happy could that make me feel? but i know i am a princess not by wealth but by being His child 🙂

I will try to think of more things that will remind me of my childhood, i hope you do too.


Lots of love,



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